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Video Presentation Designing

Video Presentation Designing

Trade Show Videos:

We can create audio/video files for their delivery on web. These streaming media contents shall be provided both in QuickTime and Windows media file. We can also deliver these files for any type of Bandwidth.
We are experts at Flash animation and movie design. Advanced Website and multimedia animations are produced using Director for Shockwave animations. Flash and Shockwave animations make any Website, CD, DVD or Kiosk project rich, eye-catching and offer a level of flexibility not possible with ordinary imaging.

vedio presentation design

DVD menu/authoring:

Streaming multimedia is a popular way for businesses to demonstrate and communicate, and also part of an effective overall communication strategy. We help every step of the way from planning and staging a shoot to producing and embedding your streaming video into your Web site, CD or DVD presentation, and Kiosk terminals.

  • Interactive Advertising:
  • Floating Eyeblaster flash Ads
  • Integrated flash banners
  • Pop-up flash Ads
  • E-cards
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