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Why do I need a website for my business/company?

- If you have website your business will be open for 24/7hrs to your customer. It will help your customer to know about your products and services, through that your market will bloom worldwide.

Can you develope e-commerce websites?

- Yes, we develope e-commerce websites you can see it in our portfolio 'Link'.

How long it will take to create my website?

- Its depends on website, whether it is static or dynamic.for static websites it takes approximately 7 to 15 working days.and for dynamic it takes approximately 15 to 45 working days. This time will vary from project to project.

What technologies do you use?

We build all of our websites on SAAS platform.

What are your payment models?

-liberty money-booker insta-mozo.

How do I get started for my business marketing?

- For effective marketing of business digital marketing should be prefer.which includes Social Media Marketing(SMM), Search Engine Optimaization(SEM) etc.

Why digital marketing is important aspect for business website?

- To expand your sales reach and make more customers for your products/services, marketing is must. Through digital marketing you can reach to your target audience and can keep track of report to make progressive changes in marketing plan.

What is static/dynamic website? Which one suites me?

- A static website is coded entirely with HTML where every webpage is a separate document without any database or external file to depend. Said this, the only way to edit such page is editing each page separately. A dynamic website has complex code like php or ASP with greater degree of functionality such as integrated with content management system. This has database and other source support. In this, you can update web pages without having knowledge of HTML or software. It solely depends upon your project type and the purpose. While fixed websites (that don’t require much data to be drawn from external sources) are better developed in static,others are good in dynamic.
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