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Pay Per Click Services

Pay Per Click Services

pay per click

PPC Program search engines guarantee top listings for selected keywords. These keywords or search phrases are the ones relevant to the client's business and are bid upon by the client and his competitors. The highest cost of pay-per-click for a key phrase gets the top-most placement and consequently the greatest and most targeted traffic. Bidding for keywords in Overture and Google is another method of capturing the right kind of traffic - the customers who are looking specifically for your product or service. We offer a Paid Pay Per Click Search Engine Keyword Management Services to increase the Website Traffic.

What Is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click advertising on search engines allows you choose keywords you would like your site to appear for when a search is performed. You decide how much you are willing to pay each time a person clicks on the search results. The more you are willing to pay, the higher your site will appear in the results for the keywords you choose.


Pay Per Click search engines and advertising provides web site owners the opportunity to buy their way to better positions on search results pages.
Learn about PPC, the costs, and if it is a viable option for your site.

Which Search Engines Allow Pay Per Click Advertising?

There are hundreds of PPC search engines. The largest companies in the pay per click industry are Overture and Google. Google is not a PPC program search engine, but it does provide paid advertising in text ad boxes to the right of search results it delivers. Pay per click affiliate program gives better results.
The pay per click search engines listed in the box in the right column of this page are not as large as Overture and Google, but they are worth a look. As mentioned above, one advantage these search engines can provide is they generally have lower costs per click to rank for a keyword than the larger search engines.

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Important Considerations

A very important point to keep in mind with pay per click is you must test, test, and test some more. Don't start off with a major investment. Start with the minimum and see how the search engine performs in terms of the traffic it delivers and how well that traffic converts into paying customers.
For example, if your goal is to bring in new subscribers to your newsletter, you could direct visitors arriving from your PPC link to a subscription form set up just for them. You can then monitor how many clicks actually result in a new subscription. As such, you will know how much you are paying for each new subscriber.

  • Before spending any money with a PPC search engine, be sure they can answer the following questions:
  • How many searches are generated each month by the search partners or affiliates?
  • How many searches a month are performed at the search engine?
  • What major search partners or affiliates does the search engine have?
  • Is it possible to opt out of having your listing appear in the results of the affiliate sites?
  • What is the procedure for filing a "fraudulent clicks" report?
  • What fraud prevention mechanisms are in place?
  • What major search partners or affiliates does the search engine have?
  • Is it possible to opt out of having a listing appear for searches originating from specific countries?
  • Will an account be credited for fraudulent clicks discovered?
  • Is there a posted terms of service for search partners or affiliates. Look for search engines that have very strict guidelines for dealing with their search         affiliates. This is important because you want to be sure the search engine is working hard to prevent fraud among its affiliates.
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