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Support Ticket

Support Ticket

We provide Support Ticket service, which is beneficial for the user. Support ticket is Open Source ticket system which is mostly used. Support Ticket system is simple, lightweight, free, reliable and easy to use and setup. It is provided at no charge for all hosting plans. Installation of this support system is incredibly easy as well as configuration and usability is also good.

All support requests and responses are available online. User can login using email and ticket ID to the support ticket. No user account or registration required to submit a ticket.

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We provide following Features:

Custom Fields

You can create the custom lists of data to add to each ticket for clients to choose when creating a ticket.

Rich Text HTML

It supports the rich text and HTML email and allows for rich text markup in staff replies.

Ticket Filters

It defines the rules for the incoming tickets route to the right departments or staff.

Agent Collision Avoidance

Ticket locking mechanism allows to avoid the multiple agent responding at the same ticket at the same time.

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