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SAAS Terms & Conditions


SAAS Terms & Conditions

1. The subscription period will begin from the date of services start by service provider.
2. The Subscription amount once paid will not be refunded back.
3. The client has to pay One year subscription amount in advance before deploying the Saas Application on server.
4. The SaaS Application will be hosted on Service Provider’s server only. The domain used for hosting SaaS application will be provided by Service provider. The Domain & Hosting charges are included in subscription amount. Client doesn’t has to pay any additional charges for renewal of domain and hosting every year. The domain and hosting account of the client will be active till the subscription continues.
5. The total ownership of domain will be transferred to the client after one year only. In order to get the ownership of the domain, the client has to continue his subscription period till one year. Once the total ownership of domain is transferred in client’s name, the client will be responsible to pay its annual renewal charges separately.
6. During the tenure of the SaaS Service, client wish to stop the services and get the ownership of the domain, client has to pay the actual cost of the domain as per the extension allotted to the SaaS Application at the time of termination of the SaaS Services.
7. The client has to pay the Subscription amount before due date, or else after due date, the clients account will be suspended until subscription amount is not paid within next 10 days.
8. If the cheque issued by client get bounced, the client has to pay ` 500/- as cheque bounce charges immediately.
9. If client fails to pay the subscription amount on or before due date, admin activities & notifications of the respective client will be suspended.
10. On Overdue of subscription, the client is liable to pay extra 10% of the subscription amount as late fee charge.
11. If the client fails to pay the subscription amount within 10 days after the due date too, then his account will be terminated. After Termination if the client wants to restore that account, he is liable to pay restoration charges. The option to restore account is valid only till 30 days commencing from the subscription renewal date.
12. During the subscription period, if the client wants to restore his previous backup of SAAS Application, the client has to pay Restoration Charges. The service provider will be maintaining backup of SAAS Application of previous seven days only. The time required for restoration of SAAS Application will be informed through mail.
13. SMS credits need to be purchased separately from service provider only.
14. If client wants to integrate additional new API’s, the integration charges will be applicable and will be calculated on the basis of nature of the API, time required for development and manpower to be used.
15. The client has to mail copy of Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Address Proof documents.
16. Client must provide accurate and complete information when registering User Account and using the service providers services. Service Provider strongly encourage client to provide own (or the client contact and billing details, including clients valid e-mail address, as we may use it to identify and determine the actual and true owner of the User Account or User Content.
17. Service provider will determine the ownership of SaaS based Applications, which are deployed to the client to use on rental basis. The client cannot demand for the complete application backup, as it is been deployed as SaaS Application & not an custom development project.
18. If the clients website gets blocked by any means for content copyright or using of unauthorized copyright images without proper license on the SaaS Application, phishing or spam links, service provider will not be responsible for the same.
19. If service provider finds any Illegal activities being conducted on the provided SAAS application, the client’s account will be terminated, with immediate effect and legal case will be filed on the client.
20. SAAS Applications will be installed with an license key, registered to the single domain name. If the client wants additional license to be activated for his business on sub-domains or other domains, with same business name, the service provider will provide the licenses separately with separate SAAS Application along with subscription cost.
21. If the client faces any issues while using the deployed SAAS Application, client has to raise an ticket or email to Service Providers Support Department will investigate the issue on following basis and revert back the client with the minimum required time to solve the issue.
  • Human Error / Operating Problem
  • Web Application Error
  • Database Error
  • Server Error / Maintenance or Downtime.

Final solution will be provided within a reasonable time.The Client must allow minimum time to the Service Provider in order to answer the Support queries.
22. In case the client demands for an increase in the scope of functionality outside the points mentioned in SaaS Application, like designing logo, changing website and admin panel design layout, change in layout, banners, product banners or social media page creation, etc. additional fees will be charged, which will be calculated on the workload and per man day basis.
23. Terms & Conditions may change time to time, without prior information. and we will promptly remove you from ALL correspondence.
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