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Licence Validation

Licence Validation

License Validation is a procedure of verifying that the software license is valid and being used in accordance with the End User License Agreement. We provide the license validation software which gives security and privacy for software. Each license should be validated when it is entered into software. If there is problem with the license validation, the software would display an appropriate error message.

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We provide following Features:

Auto License Generation

Our License validation software generates license automatically. All method parameters and output settings can be defined so it is possible to integrate with any custom remote script to generate licenses.

License Tracking

Licence tracking is possible. Total license use count and last date/time license is validated is saved on server.

Multi-products and Version

Our Validation software supports multi-products. We can add muliple products having different versions

Customized Key Format

It supports Customized key format. As per your requirements you can design the format of license validation.


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Support System

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