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Interactive E-Catalogue Designing

Interactive E-Catalogue Designing

e-catalogue designing
The e-catalogue is an innovative digital medium in which text, images, internal links, links to email and hyperlinks may be placed within an executable file (.exe) that can be distributed by email or made downloadable from a website. It does not require any other software to run.
This offers enormous benefits for businesses that communicate with internal and external customers via the Internet or an intranet.

Some of the uses of E-catalogue:

Catalogues, Brochures, Annual Reports, Photo Albums, Newsletters, Media Kits, Work Portfolios, Corporate Presentations, Manuals, Sales Presentations, Marketing, Restaurant Menus, Educational Materials, Reference Materials, Email promotions, Corporate / Product Profiles, etc.


  • Easy to use, it is designed with the average PC user in mind.
  • Integrated flash bannersSaves printing and distribution costs associated       with print media.
  • No scrolling as view each page within PC screen turns pages like a real       Book.
  • Recipients of the catalogue can store, view, and interact with its content       off-line.
  • Easy to distribute - via the Web, email, floppy or       CD-ROM.
  • Drives traffic to your website.
  • Encourages customer loyalty, repeat purchases.
  • Ideal custom publishing solution.
  • Permanent information is read-only.
  • Cost efficient.
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