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Class Management

Class Management

A classroom management system (CMS) is a collection of software tools that provide an online environment for interaction courses. A CMS typically includes a variety of tools and online environments. TechSpiron developed Class Management System, which manage any type of classes, lectures, subjects, students and much more. It allows you to send manualy / automatically all types of sms notification to parents.

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Class Management System has so many features and some of them are as follows :

Course Catalog

Our course catalog can be a stand-alone web page, or embedded in to your current site. Students can quickly browse, search and register - either in list or a more visual tile view.,

Course Dashboard

The new Course Dashboard will integrate, streamline and simplify various administrative functions that deal with course and event management

Ease of use

Classroom management software needs to be simple to understand with interfaces that are quickly adoptable by teachers and IT managers alike.

Internet safety

Classroom management software should provide a safe digital environment for students. Teachers and IT managers should be able to control and monitor.

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