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Cab Booking Portal

Cab Booking Portal

Cab Booking Portal is specializing in hiring cabs to customers. It is an online system through which customers can view available cabs; register the cabs, view profile and book cabs. Cab booking service is a major transport service provided by the various transport operators in a particular city. Mostly peoples use cab service for their daily transportations need. The company must be aregistered and fulfils all the requirements and security standards set bythe transport department. Our Cab booking System is web based application that allows customers to book cab online by sitting at home.

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Cab Booking Portal has so many features and some of them are as follows :

Advanced Booking

For users who want to book the ride for a later stage, a pop-up box can be shown, where they can select the date along with the desired time.

Details of Ride

Once the booking is confirmed, users are able to see the current location of the cab and the estimated time of arrival

Booking flexibility

After selecting the mode of transportation, user can choose between taking the ride right away or at a later time.

Cancel facility

User can also cancel the booked cab before the driver reaches the respective pickup point.

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